Duties, Powers and Responsibilities


a) Appointment: The dean, who is the representative of the faculty and its units, is elected by the Council of Higher Education for a period of three years from among three professors from within or outside the university to be proposed by the rector and is appointed with the normal procedure. The dean whose term has expired may be reappointed.

The dean chooses at most two people from among the salaried faculty members of the faculty as vice dean to assist him in his studies.

Assistant deans are appointed by the dean for a maximum of three years. Dean may change his assistants when he deems necessary. When the dean's tenure ends, the dean's tenure also ends.

When the Dean is not on duty, one of his deputies deputizes. If the mandate lasts for more than six months, a new dean is appointed.

b) Duties, powers and responsibilities:

1. To preside over the faculty committees, to implement the decisions of the faculty committees and to ensure regular work between the faculty units,

2. To report to the rector on the general condition and operation of the faculty at the end of each academic year and when requested,

3. To inform the rectorate of the appropriation and staff needs of the faculty along with its justification, to submit the proposal regarding the faculty budget to the rectorate after receiving the opinion of the faculty administrative board,

4. To maintain the duty of general supervision and control over the units of the faculty and personnel at all levels,

5. To perform other duties assigned to him by laws and regulations.

The Dean is primarily responsible to the rector for rationally using and developing the teaching capacity of the faculty and its affiliated units, providing necessary social services to students by taking security measures when necessary, conducting education, scientific research and publication activities in a regular manner, supervising and controlling all activities, monitoring and controlling.



a) Establishment and operation: The faculty board consists of the heads of departments affiliated to the faculty, under the chairmanship of the dean, and the directors of institutes and colleges affiliated to the faculty, if any, and three faculty members to be chosen from among the professors in the faculty for three years, two to be chosen by the associate professors from among themselves, and a faculty member to be chosen by the assistant professors from among themselves.

The faculty board holds its regular meetings at the beginning and end of each semester. The dean calls the faculty board to a meeting when he deems it necessary.

b) Duties: The faculty board is an academic body and performs the following duties:

1. To decide on the education-training, scientific research and publication activities of the faculty and the principles related to these activities, the plan, the program and the education-training calendar,

2. To elect a member to the faculty board of directors,

3. To perform other duties given by laws and regulations.



a) Establishment and operation: The faculty administrative board consists of three professors, two associate professors and an assistant professor to be elected by the faculty committee for three years under the presidency of the dean.

The faculty board of directors convenes upon the call of the dean. When deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, it may establish temporary working groups, education and training coordinators and regulate their duties.

b) Duties: The faculty administrative board is an auxiliary body to the dean in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

1. Assisting the dean in the implementation of the principles determined by the decisions of the faculty board,

2. To ensure the implementation of the education, plans and programs of the faculty and the academic calendar,

3. To prepare the investment, program and budget draft of the faculty,

4. To take decisions on all matters brought by the dean regarding faculty management,

5. To decide on the admission of students, their course adjustments and expulsions, and the procedures related to education and examinations,

6. To perform other duties given by laws and regulations.