Prof. Dr. Erdal Eroglu (Chair)

Prof. S.Suha Türkaslan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Cenker Kucukesmen

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Isin Kurkcuoglu


Research Assistant  Yunus ÇETİN

Research Assistant  Furkan ÇETİNTÜRK

Research Assistant  Barış Durdu TATLICIOĞLU

Research Assistant  Mehmet GÜVEN

Research Assistant  Tahsin DAYANIÇLIER

Research Assistant  Hüseyin Alperen Selvi

Research Assistant  Gizem ÖZCAN

Research Assistant  Mehmet Mert ÖNDE

Research Assistant Sinem ŞAHAN

Research Assistant  Ayça TOPALOĞLU

Research Assistant  Hilal UÇAK

Research Assistant  Yonca ÖZDEMİR





Our department was founded in 2002 by Prof. Dr. M. Üstün Güldağ. Currently, six faculty members and twelve research assistants are working in our department. Thirteen specialization students have been trained in our department so far.


Specialization Student Education Process

The duration of specialization training is three years. During this training period, rotations are made in the Departments of Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Periodontology. Articles and seminars are held every Thursday.

Clinical and bedside training is carried out every day of the week. Final competencies are acquired by using structured, applied, independent and exploratory learning activities during the specialization training process.


Department of study areas

In dentistry, methods and materials suitable for the technology of the day and deficiencies in teeth, dental tissue and support tissues;

To be able to return the lost aesthetics, function and phonation to the patient by completing the soft and hard tissue defects in the maxillofacial region with appropriate prosthetic materials,

Monitoring, examining and treating TMJ disorders

Dental and/or dentofacial aesthetic problems



Department clinic, Dental prosthesis laboratory

Treatments in the Department (For Patients)

Fixed prostheses; metal, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, fixed prosthetic treatment on implant

Removable prostheses; partial, partial dentures on implants

Full dentures

Maxillofacial prostheses

TMJ disorders

Dental Aesthetics